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What you need to know about CallAll Money

  1. Your South African mobile number will be verified with a One Time PIN (OTP) via SMS.
  2. This mobile number will also be your account reference.
  3. TO COMPLETE this process you have to be FICA'ed by a representative of CallAll, usually your CallAll Money Agent signing you up. If you have signed up by yourself, please contact 087 941 3252
  4. You must be 18 or older to open an account.
  5. You must have a valid identity document (i.e. one of the following documents: RSA ID, Passport, Asylum Seeker or Refugee Status).
  6. By applying here you accept the Terms and Conditions of CallAll Mobile Wallet and Debit Card (Mastercard).
  7. An "Upload Successful" message will confirm a successful form submission. (Otherwise please try again or call us for assistance on 087 941 3252 )
  8. The monthly cost of the CallAll Mobile Wallet is FREE.
  9. We will send another SMS when your account is ready for you to collect your card from us. (Remember to bring your valid Identity Document and proof of residence, where necessary).